Double selfie sunday! Went out last night (was hecka fun!) aaaand that Smirnoff Ice is the reason I’ve been lying down on my couch all day ;-; NEVER chug Smirnoff Ice and NEVER drink that between beers because you’ll end up like me xD (aka being hungover for a day and feeling like crap lol) (totally worth it though i had so much fun :D )

Guyyyyss I need friends on Hay Day ;-; Any of you play? :O

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Omg im watching Americas Got Talent and they played a Sims song xD

jazinga replied to your video “GUYYYYYSSS ;________________;  I’m so happy right now omfg :D :D  …”

Grats on that! Totally cool!

Thankkk youuu :3 it iiiiss :D

serindeppity replied to your video “GUYYYYYSSS ;________________;  I’m so happy right now omfg :D :D  …”

ahhh congrats on being in the video!!! I’d watch it but I know it wouldn’t be good for me to do so (I got emotional just seeing the title urgh)/ But sooo happy you were in something like this, I can’t imagine how much on cloud nine you are!! :D

Thank you love! Yeah, I get it :O That’s the reason I love this band so much, their songs I mean ugh so many lyrics to relate to and help get out of situations and feelings and all.. And so yeah for their music to have helped me so much and ending up in that video I’m not even believing it right now :3 

GUYYYYYSSS ;________________; 

I’m so happy right now omfg :D :D 

Long story short, I went to Warped Tour this summer and saw my favorite band ever (like their music helped me get through a lot in the last year and a half) and now I’m in their latest music video! ;-; It’s one of those things I’d never thought would happen to me, you know? I mean what are the chances of me ending up in a music video for my favorite band?? 

I’m speechless. <3

(I’m like right there in the preview beside the girl holding the sign!)

How beautiful, Jesse xD

How beautiful, Jesse xD

They played ping-pong and Ellie was VERY happy to have won xD

Despite the crappy weather, these two passed their exams with flying colors :D

Aw cutie I know exams are stressful but you&#8217;ll do great okay? D: 

Aw cutie I know exams are stressful but you’ll do great okay? D: 

Owning black pants and a white cat is physically impossible ;-;